This prediction is made on 10/05/2008 at Cornell, Wisconsin which is in northern Wisconsin about 45 miles northeast of the City of Eau Claire.

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The official 2008 -2009 

This prediction is for the winter months of  2008 -2009.  It was rare to find a Woolly Bear this year. That may have been a result of the above normal temperatures that we had this year. Usually after we get a couple of real hard frosts and then a warm sunny period there are Woolly Bears a plenty.   Therefore; based on a limited sample, my ole Woolly Bear pal and I make the following prediction: This winter season looks to be a cold one with average to below average temperatures. It does appear that we might see a brief warming trend in late January or in February, but not much of a break. Sorry to say; those of us who are trying to control are heating bills will have to put on a few more clothes when lounging around the house. With the tremendous increase of heating our homes, I can only hope that this is one of the years that my old pal Woolly misses the mark. Of course, it has always been a good idea to look for ways to reduce the cost of heating our homes and it is especially important now. The more energy we save, the less dependancy for foreign energy sources.  

The Wooly Bear can only predict the weather for the environment that he lives in.  So that makes it a local or regional prediction.  For your own local area precise prediction, you need to find a Woolly Bear at your location.

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