Woolly Bear Festival

A loyal Woolly Bear Fan sent me the following email with regard 
to a Festival that is held in honor of my little buddy each year in
Vermillion, Ohio.  I have not found a website for it yet so if anyone 
out there has one I would appreciate it you could send it to me
at:  woollybear@denrose.com

I found your website and I have some more "insanity"
to add to it.  Since I didn't see any mention of it
I'm guessing you haven't heard of this one: The
Woollybear Festival.  This year marks the 21st
festival in Vermilion and the 30th overall.  This
year's festival is October 13th in Vermilion which is
pretty close to halfway between Cleveland and Toledo
on the shores of Lake Erie. 

There are races, games for the kids, woollbear look
alike contests for kids and pets, and a two hour
parade through the streets of Vermilion (population: 
11,000).  And the crowds drawn to this are estimated
to be somewhere over 100,000!  And it gets promoted by
Cleveland meteorologist Dick Goddard throughout the
year on WJW-TV 8.  The best way he can explain its
popularity is this:  "It's just a bunch of good people
that get together for one last fling before the snow

-- Douglas Groetzinger