About the Woolly Bear Caterpillar

The woolly bear is a fuzzy furry little creature that evolves into a beautiful butterfly.  Known for its fuzzy coat of hair, dark on both ends and reddish brown in the middle, the woolly bear caterpillar is actually the larvae of the tiger moth and not a butterfly at all.. 

It once was thought that the woolly bear caterpillar was the larvae of the Monarch butterfly, but it is not.  Moths are a quite a bit different and usually have smaller features, and tend to be plain in color than the butterfly. However, the tiger moth can be quite beautiful 

Woolly bears are most often found in the late fall crawling around on roadways and walkways trying to keep warm in the bright fall sunshine.  They are dormant through out the winter months.  In the spring, they form a cocoon andpresto!!!  they emerge as one of the true splendors of mother nature.

There long has been a tradition with the woolly bear caterpillar that he can predict the weather.  Well call it what you want but I have been following this for the 15th year now with 90% accuracy or better.  It was totally off one of those years  (Actually, it may have been right that year too because I think I caught one too early in the season and got the wrong reading) and I only gave it an 85% rating of accuracy for the Winter of 2000 - 2001.  One has to make the reading on the ones you find in October just after we begin to get some hard frosts.

Yes by now you are thinking that this guy must be ready for you know that funny place that they would normally lock guys who talk like this in.  Well this works and I am sticking by my little pal and sticking my neck out on his behalf for everyone to see.  This is very important business, so much so that I have labeled it "Woolly Bear Scientology"